Special Religious Education

Special Religious Education in state high schools and state primary schools

Holroyd Combined Churches SRE

The NSW Education Act allows for SRE (Special Religious Education, formerly known as Scripture) to take place in government-run schools for up to one hour per week. Classes are taught by authorised teachers (mainly volunteers) using curriculum from Approved Providers of SRE.

In 1990 local Christian churches started working together to provide SRE in the Holroyd district. Currently there are twelve churches that form the Holroyd Christian Ministers’ Fellowship SRE Board. The HCMF SRE Board partners with and funds local churches to employ six part-time coordinators to oversee the teaching of Christian SRE- one coordinator in each of the five local high schools and one coordinator for the 23 local primary schools.  A whole host of authorised volunteer teachers from local churches work with these coordinators to teach weekly Christian SRE classes.

If you would like to find out more about the Christian SRE program in any particular school, including which curriculum is being used, please contact the school or our office on hmf@hnlc.org.au

Further to this, every high school has a Christian lunchtime group, run under the supervision of the school Principal and with written permission from the students’ parents/guardians. Some schools have also involved our coordinators and/or volunteers in additional pastoral care of students, something we take as evidence of the positive light the ministry is viewed with regarding school morale and personal development of students.

Some students, with parental approval, also go on to attend local church youth activities, where they mix with other young people not attending their own school, and become involved in camps, outings, bible study groups, etc.

What can you do to help?

Pray regularly.  Monthly prayer emails are available on request from our office (hmf@hnlc.org.au)  

Give.  All gifts are tax deductible. Tax receipts are available by emailing our office with your payment details. Donations can be made via:

  • Cheque donations to "HMF SRE Board" can be posted to HCMF SRE, 106a Jersey Rd, Greystanes.

  • Direct deposit donations can be made to the Commonwealth Bank BSB 062202 account 10291242.

  • Credit card or PayPal donations can be made by clicking on the "Donate" button on the right"

Become a volunteer.  If you are not yet authorised by an Approved Provider of SRE we may be able to help you become authorised. To find out more contact our office (hmf@hnlc.org.au).

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Greystanes High School
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Merrylands High School
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