Holroyd Christian Ministers' Fellowship

Our approach is relational
It's "membership by participation"

This website is put together as a service to the Body of Christ in the Holroyd district. It operates under the auspices of the Holroyd Christian Ministers' Fellowship and contains information about local churches, SRE, activities & ministries, key contacts and some coming events. Although Holroyd Council was amalgamated into Cumberland Council in 2016, Holroyd retains an identity as a local district and the local churches have a strong relational bond. 

We are eager to build an "inclusive" community, rather than an "exclusive" one - but not at the expense of the truth that our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed. You're invited to join us on our journey!  We hope you visit regularly. Our intention is to keep it updated with relevant and interesting stuff for our Christian community. 

If you have any activities, news etc, that are accessible to the wider Christian community (and/or to the community as a whole) we will publicise them here on Coming Activities. Please email info to us at hmf@hnlc.org.au and we'll add it in.



That meet in the Holroyd area.

Coming Events

Relevant to the wider church body in Holroyd.


Special Religious Education in the 5 state high schools and 18 state primary schools within our district.


Activities & Ministries

That function under the Holroyd Christian Ministers' Fellowship.

Key Contacts

For the combined churches.